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Hi Spree-ers, thanks for ur interest on our sprees site. We hope that u will like the open sprees in this site.
We hope to have ur kind understanding, patient & trust.
We will try our best to provide the best service as much as we can.
Happy Shopping, girls!!~~

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Tokyo Fashion Round 21
Open- 21st Jun 09
Spree cancelled

Betwo Round 8
Open- 21st Jun 09
Spree cancelled

Maple Syrup Round 24
Open- 21st Jun 09
Spree cancelled

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

[ Announcement ] Earring Boutique's Round 3 arrived!

Hi spree-ers, Earring Boutique's Round 3 arrived! Email had been sent out to inform on the 2nd payment. Please inform us once you have make the 2nd payment. Thank you! :)

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 12:19 PM

Sunday, December 16, 2007

[ Announcement ] Ezpay system down. Sprees Extended!

Hi all, the sprees(Earring Boutique & Maple Syrup) are extended again. Due to both low response & Ezpay system down till 21/12/07. Hence, we had extended our sprees till 20/12/07 9pm. Last extension, no more after this one. Therefore, spree-ers if u do see any items u wan do place ur orders fast. Tks. And please take note we have cancelled the OceanBox spree.

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 12:14 PM

Sunday, December 9, 2007

[ Announcement ] Registered Mails

Hi spree-ers, from now onwards, we are accepting registered mailing requests if you are placing orders for more than 10 items. For less than 10 items orders, we will continue to mail out your items using normal mailing. Hope you all can understand as we all have busy schedule everyday, we may not be able to go to the post office often to mail out your package. :)

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 3:34 PM

[ Announcement ] Sprees Extended till 15/12/07 9pm

Hi spree-ers, all our sprees had been extended till 15/12/07 9pm due to low response. Spree-ers can also check out our instock items. No waiting time required!

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 2:39 PM

Thursday, December 6, 2007

[ Announcement ] Maple Syrup Round 5 arrived!

Hi spree-ers, Maple Syrup Round 5 had arrived. Shipping is free.
Email has been sent out to notify spree-ers of the arrival. Kindly inform us once you have make the 2nd payment & we will send out your items. Thank you!~

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 8:36 PM

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Check out our instock items!!~

No waiting time & no handling fees.
Do visit & check out our instock items!! Click below...

Instock Items

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 4:14 PM

[Updates] Changed in exchange rate!

Hi Spree-ers, after some consideration, checking on the amount deducted from our bank a/c after we used our credit/debit card to make payment to the TW sellers. Calculated tat we've make a loss after changing the rate to divided by 22. Hence, the exchange rate will now be changed back to divide by 20, effective from this mth onwards. Don't worry spee-ers, Maple Syrup Round 5's spree will still be divided by 22, so no increase charges incurred.
Kindly download the latest order form for your new orders.
Thank for your understanding!~

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 3:48 PM

December's Sprees [Open]

Many pretty new items are up... do check it out!~
Ideal Christmas gifts for ur friends & loved ones!~ :)

.::. OceanBox Round 1 [Cancelled].::.

OPEN 01/12/07 to 15/12/07(9pm)!~

First time going to place order with this seller, don't know how long this spree will take to complete. However, read the comments given to this seller by buyers are quite good. Do check this out!~ :)

Status: 0 order

.::. Maple Syrup Round 6 [Cancelled].::.

OPEN 01/12/07 to 20/12/07(9pm)!~

Status: 0 order

Please take note

- Please read our terms & conditions before placing orders.
- We will stop taking in orders once we reaches NT$3000 orders- min orders for free shipping provided by TW seller.
- We are using Ezpay (2.8% surcharge applied) for payment to TW seller, spree-ers will need to share this cost even if free shipping is provided. Cost will be divided equally among the total no.of items we ordered.
- For item price, please use the start bid price 起標價格 for the item in this spree.
- From our past experience ordering items from this seller, she is very quick in responding to our emails and send out items very fast after we made payment.
- Time taken for items to arrive in S'pore is abt 1 week after TW seller sent out the items.

.::. Earring Boutique Round 3 .::. [Closed]

01/12/07 to 20/12/07(9pm)

Please take note

Hope this time round, this spree can have enough orders!~~ :)
For the Earring Boutique's spree, we only accept orders for accessories.

Status: 5 Orders

Peishan- 2 Orders[1st payment paid]

Eve- 3 Orders[1st payment paid]

Posted by Just TW Fashion @ 3:09 PM